B2B Business Model

 The B2b model is suitable for:


  •       Retailers
  •      Tailors
  •       Fashion Consultants
  •       Fashion Agents
  •       Franchisees
  •       Brand Ambassadors



ü        Expand your business

ü              Develop your own MTM brand

ü             Increase significantly your Profit without any investments

ü        Build an image of high quality MTM fashion brand

ü       Generate more customers with the new made-to-measure service

ü            More MTM products from 1 supplier, same high quality level

ü        Easier and cheaper transport




ü Discounted price for fittings (different sizes) for taking the measurements

ü Discounted  swatches with high quality European fabrics

ü Free access to easy online platform

ü Free explanation about taking measurements using fittings shirts and suits.

ü Free advertising for all Franchisees

ü Free Marketing and Sales strategy for all Franchisees