B2B Business Model - only for B2B partners

                The B2b model is suitable for:


  •       Retailers - Free training, little investment for fitting shirts.
  •      Tailors - Free training. NO INVESTMENT.
  •       Fashion Consultants - Free training. NO INVESTMENT.
  •       Fashion Agents - Free training. NO INVESTMENT.
  •       Franchisees - Free training, little investment for fitting shirts.
  •       Brand Ambassadors - Free training. NO INVESTMENT.



ü        Expand your business

ü             Develop your own MTM brand

ü             Increase significantly your Profit without any investments

ü        Build an image of high quality MTM fashion brand

ü       Generate more customers with the new made-to-measure service

ü            More MTM products from 1 supplier, same high quality level





ü Discounted price for fittings (different sizes) for taking the measurements

ü Discounted  swatches with high quality European fabrics

ü Free access to easy online platform

ü Free explanation about taking measurements using fittings shirts.

ü Free advertising for all Franchisees

ü Free Marketing and Sales strategy for all Franchisees

We are Made to Measure dedicated.

·        We give life to our MTM garments.

·        We take responsibility.


·         100% Made in Europe.

·         100% Sustainable products.

·         100% Traditional Technology.


·         Easy online order from.

·         Variety of high quality European fabrics.

·         New collection every season.

·         Variety of alterations and customization options.

·         We give special attention to each detail.

·         Short production cycle 5 – 15 days.


·         Quick communication.

·         Quick and reliable transport.

·         Following all social European standards.


What is our negative side?


·         We are not big industrial factory and we

do not produce bulk production Ready to wear orders.

We are dedicated in Made to Measure business only. 

·         We have limited handmade options.

 How to Start with Bulammas Factory?


1. We will produce 1 sample in order you can check the quality.

2. We will produce a set of fitting shirts for taking measurements of your customers.

3. We will provide you with best fabrics and trimmings which you can show to your customers.

4. We will give you free of charge training how to take measurements, how to configure individual

    design for your customer and how to use the online order form.

5. You can start...