Sustainable Made-to-Measure Supplier

BULAMMAS  follows the sustainable principles of doing business.

1. We use natural and ecological materials.

Our suppliers are best worldwide brands who very carefully select their raw materials in order to achieve 100% ecological fabrics and trimmings which later on we transfer to a beautiful made to measure garments.

We care about the nature.


2. Transparency in the supply chain.

Our factory strictly follows all the social production standards as:

-       Environment protection          - Occupational Health and Safety

-       No children labor                     - Protection for young workers  

-       No discrimination                    - Ethical business behavior

-       Decent working hours             - No bounded labor

-       Fair Remuneration                   - No precarious employment


We produce only in OUR FACTORY IN Europe.


3. Valuable product for fair price.

BULAMMAS always has been working to achieve a real value for their products. We think that only high quality product on a very competitive price with short European production leads time will be the key to the real Value for the end consumer.

We give you fair price.